Paternalism and the church

a study of south Indian church history.
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Paternalism, attitude and practice that are commonly, though not exclusively, understood as an infringement on the personal freedom and autonomy of a person (or class of persons) with a beneficent or protective intent.

Paternalism generally involves competing claims between individual liberty and authoritative social ons concerning paternalism also may include both the claims of.

Genre/Form: Church history: Additional Physical Format: Online version: Hollis, Arthur Michael, Paternalism and the church. London, New York, Oxford. [Missionary Paternalism: Ultimate Peril of Mission] - Paul Sungro Lee This article explores both theological and sociological dimensions of the missionary paternalism epidemic in the world mission.

Missionary paternalism is a serious issue that has been tampering the missions effort of church of Jesus Christ for centuries. The Church — Misogyny and Patriarchy and Paternalism Forty years ago, when I was a somewhat younger fellow and DRE in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I found myself the only man at a table with seven women, during a diocesan conference on the role of women in the church.

As the world has moved on from the era of European colonialism and the “white man’s burden,” new forms of paternalism are emerging. Issues of trust, power, and control are as relevant as ever in a globalized church where denominations and networks stretch across international boundaries and missionaries travel from everywhere to everyone, not just from the West to the rest.

Paternalism is action that limits a person's or group's liberty or autonomy and is intended to promote their own good. Paternalism can also imply that the behavior is against or regardless of the will of a person, or also that the behavior expresses an attitude of superiority.

Paternalism, paternalistic and paternalist have all been used as a pejorative. CHRISTIAN PATERNALISM TOWARD THE BLACK CHURCH. When I stepped into the evangelical world, it felt as if people saw me as a victim of the Black Church rather than a resource from a different tradition that one can glean from.

The Black Church, like Africa to the ACS, is pictured as an inferior institution. “Seeing myself or my church or my denomination as "the blessing" — like so many mission trips to help "those less fortunate than ourselves" — can easily descend into a blend of benevolence and paternalism.

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We can start to see the "poor" as supporting characters. Henry Venn (Anglican, Church Missionary Society) (–) and Rufus Anderson (Congregationalist, American Board) (–) simultaneously developed a strategy of Indigenization in response to the extreme paternalism exercised by western missionaries of the early 19th century, particularly in Asia.

They perceived that "rice" Christians were completely dependent on missionaries and. Paternalism Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College "Paternalism" comes from the Latin pater, meaning to act like a father, or to treat another person like a child.

("Parentalism" is a gender-neutral anagram of "paternalism".) In modern philosophy and jurisprudence, it is to act for the good of another person without that person's. From another perspective, paternalism is objectionable because it violates what the philosopher Immanuel Kant called the equal "dignity" of all human beings.

Respect for human dignity implies respect for people's ability to think and choose for themselves. Paternalism, however, imposes choices based on what someone else thinks is good for a person. Paternalism definition, the system, principle, or practice of managing or governing individuals, businesses, nations, etc., in the manner of a father dealing benevolently and often intrusively with his children: The employees objected to the paternalism of the old president.

See more. Mormon Matters welcomes our newest guest poster. Kate Kelly graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Political Science. She served a mission for the church in Barcelona, Spain. She is currently in law school at American University's Washington College of Law, the only law school in the nation world founded by women.

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She has had a career of various and sundry amazing jobs. Paternalism and the Southern Hierarchy: How Slavery Defined Antebellum Southern Women ERIN R. MULLIGAN Ramapo College of New Jersey In the antebellum South, slavery was the thread that held the fabric of society together and defined the southern woman.

As to the contributing factors to the clerical sex abuse crisis, Vatican expert Zollner pointed to two in particular: clericalism and Church paternalism. “Clericalism, as the pope frequently says, is the temptation to think and act as if the mere fact of being a priest or bishop can justify special treatment, special privileges, and an Author: Cameron Doody.

These essays look at southern social customs within a single city in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In particular, the volume focuses on paternalism between masters and slaves, husbands and wives, elites and the masses, and industrialists and workers.

How Augusta's millworkers, homemakers, and others resisted, exploited, or endured the constraints of paternalism reveals the Reviews: 1. paternalism meaning: 1. thinking or behaviour by people in authority that results in them making decisions for other. Learn more. The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Paternalism is an outstanding reference source to the key topics, problems and debates in this exciting subject and is the first collection of its kind.

Comprising twenty-seven chapters by a team of international contributors the handbook is divided into five parts. THE PASSING OF PATERNALISM IN MISSIONS KENNETH SAUNDERS Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California IIn Darkest Africa was a book typical of the nineteenth century: In Darkest everywhere the cry "an Indian church," "a Japanese church," "a Chinese church, ".

Paternalistic Intervention: The Moral Bounds on Benevolence (Studies in Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy) [Vandeveer, Donald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paternalistic Intervention: The Moral Bounds on Benevolence (Studies in Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy)Author: Donald Vandeveer.

A fine and coherent book. (History: Review of New Books) By treating paternalism in an urban setting, the book illustrates how cities, such as Augusta, were often as steeped in paternalism as plantation society.

Paternalism in a Southern City thus constitutes a new approach to an old idea. (Southern Historian)4/5(1). White Paternalism in Grand Rapids. The positive reception to Booker T. Washington’s message was not only welcomed by white capitalist in Grand Rapids, but by white religious leaders.

Again, we are grateful for the reference to Pastor Robert McLaughlin’s speech incited in Jelk’s book, African Americans in the Furniture City. The New Paternalism opens up a serious discussion of supervisory methods in antipoverty policy.

The book assembles noted policy experts to examine whether programs that set standards for their. Slaveholders' paternalism had little to do with ostensible benevolence, kindness, and good cheer. It grew out of the necessity to discipline and morally justify a system of exploitation.

At the same time, this book also advocates the examination of masters' relations with white plantation laborers and servants - a largely unstudied by:   After the rebellion whites were put in every slave church and blacks were forced to worship in much more conventional ways.

The South developed a system of paternalism where whites felt it was their duty to educated blacks about religion and. Pure paternalism. The former conduct of the Church was in this respect much more honest. In the Old Testament, Book of Deuteronomy (), it says: “I.

Mill and Paternalism demonstrates how a contextual reading suggests that in Principles of Political Economy, and also his writings on Ireland, India and on domestic issues like land reform, Mill proposed a substantially more interventionist account of the state than On Liberty seems to imply.

The Church must rid itself of dependency and Western paternalism and enter a new partnership age of equality and equity. In Rev Gatu’s view, “the present missionary movement is a hindrance to the selfhood of the Church” (p).

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This section also describes and promotes ecumenical developments in East Africa. Framed around four white champions of African Americans in Minnesota, The Children of Lincoln reveals a little known but critical chapter in the state’s history as it intersects with the broader account of race in America.

It reveals a pattern of racial paternalism, describing how even “enlightened” white Northerners would come to embrace policies that reinforced a notion of black. paternalism (pə-tûr′nə-lĭz′əm) n. A policy or practice of treating or governing people in a fatherly manner, especially by providing for their needs without giving them rights or responsibilities.

pater′nalist adj. & n. pater′nalis′tic adj. pater′nalis′tically adv. paternalism (pəˈtɜːnəˌlɪzəm) n. Read this book on Questia. Inthe dominant social outlook of the early Victorians was a paternalism that looked to property, the Church, and local Justices of the Peace to govern society and deal with its ills.

Paternalism in a Southern City thus constitutes a new approach to an old idea. Southern Historian Editors Cashin and Eskew deserve praise for putting together a fine book, equipped with well-documented essays and a lengthy : Paternalism and Imperialism called at the White House to lay before the President the facts about the waning of religious zeal and the decrease of church extension in New York.

“History of Civilization in England,” speaking of the “Wealth of Nations,” and summing up his estimate of the book, says: “Well may it be said of Adam.